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Quarterly update March 2014

Doesn’t it seem like winter is almost over? Spring time seems to be here! We are pleased to bring our March quarterly update on a sunny afternoon Back in January we had our Development Day – this is a great opportunity for our staff and board members to meet in one big room and discuss what the next steps for the project will be. We had loads of great ideas going round the room and hope that over the year we can report back on some of them. Our Engagement and Involvement team created a row of bunting where everyone contributed their ideas – and we thought this social media themed piece would be ideal for posting here We had a group of advocacy workers go through Mental Health First Aid training in February. This training is about giving our workers the knowledge and skills to remove stigma and fear of mental health issues, and gain confidence in approaching a person in distress. You can read more on their website here: In February, Annemarie from our Glasgow team attended a national conference about Mental Health and well-being in later life called: Caring and Connecting As We Age. Topics included Continue Reading >

Communication Support Needs

We often provide advocacy support for people who have communication support needs. This document, published by The Scottish Government explains why inclusive communication is important for people and some of the benefits to both individuals and service providers.