Our Services in North Lanarkshire

Case example

Claire has a diagnosis of clinical depression. Her 2 children had been recently removed from her care due to concerns around their safety

What was life like before advocacy got involved?

Before advocacy was involved Claire was overwrought with emotion at formal social work meetings regarding the care of her children. She often left meetings and forgot what was said

How did advocacy involvement help?

Claire contacted the service to seek assistance to understand and articulate herself at Children’s Hearings and LAAC Reviews. The Advocacy Worker met with Claire at her home to fully discuss her circumstances and how they could help her to articulate her thoughts and feelings constructively at meetings. The Advocacy Worker with Claire’s permission also communicated with social work to assist Claire in understanding the process. The Advocacy Worker attended 3 meetings with Claire after which she felt empowered to attend alone

What was the outcome for Claire?

Claire had a clearer understanding of the social work process and was able to speak calmly and listen carefully. This enabled social work to understand and appreciate Claire’s concerns and to work together positively in the interests of her children

Details of the service

You are eligible for this service if you:

  • Are resident in North Lanarkshire when the referral is made
  • Are a younger adult (16-64) affected by disability

This includes, but is not limited to people affected by the following;

  • Learning Disability
  • Communication difficulties
  • Mental ill health
  • Addictions
  • Acquired brain injury
  • Physical Disability

We also provide an advocacy service for prisoners in HMP Shotts

Priority assessed

We aim to provide a service for anyone who needs our support to address an issue, but due to demand The Advocacy Project operates a waiting list. Adults affected by the following pieces of legislation will be prioritised

  • Adult Support and Protection (Scotland) Act (2007)
  • Adults with Incapacity (Scotland) Act (2000)
  • Mental Health (Care and Treatment) (Scotland) Act (2003)

People affected by the Mental Health (Care and Treatment) (Scotland) Act (2003) have a legal right to independent advocacy

Adults aged 65 or over should contact Equals Advocacy

Additional Services in North Lanarkshire

The Advocacy Project facilitates a regular self –advocacy group for adults with learning disabilities who live in North Lanarkshire.  The group is called ‘Listen Up Lanarkshire’ and meets regularly in Motherwell.  The group members set their own agenda and discuss any issues which are facing them and work together to suggest solutions.

Listen Up Lanarkshire meetings use different methods to address the issues in people’s lives. This includes drama, talking, drawing, games, watching and making DVDs. Contact Ann Lafferty for more information on 0141 420 0961

Please see our contact page for more information on making a referral. If your needs don’t match the criteria here, you can find information on other independent advocacy providers at the Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance website.