Monthly Archives: April 2014

‘see me….now’ event

On Thursday and Friday last week, one of our advocacy workers attended the ‘See Me’ movement for change event that took place in Dunblane. The event was an opportunity to look at where the current ‘see me’ pledge is successful in tackling stigma and discrimination, and where the future direction should be heading. The whole event was co-ordinated by ‘see me’, the Mental Health Foundation, and SAMH. There were a variety of speakers, including Alan Miller from the Scottish Human Rights Commission and Gemma Walker, a girl with lived experience of depression who told us her story of recovery. Over 70% of people attending the event identified as having lived experience of mental health issues – we found this out by voting electronically with keypads at our table. There was a real mix of people from different areas of Scotland, and amongst those attending from an organisation there was also a huge amount of variety. This melting pot of people meant when we did group activities, everyone had a different viewpoint based on their own experiences. In our table discussion about changing behaviours that cause stigma and discrimination, we had so many ideas that we struggled to fit this in Continue Reading >

Govanhill Research and Information Network

One of our staff will be giving a presentation about a piece of work we have done. The presentation will be for the Govanhill Research and Information Network on 23rd April at 12:30 in Govanhill Baths. GRIN Seminar – Advocacy Project