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SNAP – Scotland’s National Action Plan for Human Rights

We are very proud to be featured in Scotland’s National Action Plan for Human Rights, Year Two Report available at the link below: We feature in three ways: -Our case study & subsequent involvement with the Scottish Parliament event to promote the films. -Our joint showcase at the national Rights for Life conference about supported decision-making -Our role in a Radio Clyde public awareness campaign for the SNAP and Scottish Government campaign #FlyTheFlag. We are delighted on International Human Rights Day to be able to reflect on a year of participation in a plan of such national importance. A friend told me about these Cialis 20mg tablets. I have to say that it is nothing but a miracle.

Human Rights Day 2015

Today is Human Rights Day. Ban-Ki Moon’s message this year focuses on the four freedoms: freedom of expression, freedom of worship, freedom from want and freedom from fear. President Franklin D. Roosevelt and his wife Eleanor Roosevelt enshrined these freedoms into the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1941 during an uncertain time across the world. Even today, these freedoms are more relevant and more important than ever. The Advocacy Project is fully committed to these freedoms and we will always strive to ensure our clients’ freedoms are protected.I took Cialis 20mg at once and I did not feel a special strain on the body. The effect is striking – a few hours of sexual activity. I use Cialis each second day. You can read the full message on the United Nations website