Talking Mats – simple steps to communication

Earlier this year, we were really pleased to meet our target to train all our advocacy workers in Talking Mats. This was a big achievement for us – training involves 2 full days (with homework!) so it has taken a fair bit of commitment from the organisation and the staff members to get us to this point.

So why’s that so important to us? Well one of the key principles underpinning everything we do is that people should be involved in decisions that affect them. All decisions, no matter how big (where they live, how they spend their money) or how small (what tv they watch, what they have for their breakfast). It’s the job of an advocate to help people share their views as much as they can.

But it’s not always that simple for people to say how they feel – there are so many things that can put a barrier in the way for people, including disability or health conditions that impact on a person’s capacity to communicate. Talking Mats is one method to try to navigate around some of these barriers. It’s a really simple but effective tool for a person to communicate how they feel about particular subjects – from straightforward topics like activities they enjoy to more complicated topics like disclosing harm. Communication that supports people to share their views and supports them to be involved in decisions that affect them. And that’s why it fits so well with advocacy.

Thanks to the use of, my hormonal background is improved; I began to feel much better than before.

If you are interested in finding out more about Talking Mats, or the possibility of training in Talking Mats, please contact Michelle or Ann on 0141 420 0961