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Support to Report: Don’t Stay Silent About Hate Crime

One in four people with a disability were victims of hate crime last year yet it is still massively under-reported to the police. We have created this short film to show how disability hate crime affects people in their daily life and to encourage people to act if they are victims of,  or witness acts of hate crime. We want this film to be used to promote the message that disability hate crime should be reported. Please share this film and use as appropriate. If you wish to report a hate crime you can contact Police Scotland on 101, get in touch with a Third Party Reporting Centre or follow the link to “We want learning disability hate crime to stop!”                         About the Support to Report Group In late 2015, The Advocacy Project was awarded money from the Scottish Government’s Keys To Life Development Fund to help people with learning disabilities access Third Party Reporting Centres to report hate crime. They held some focus groups to find out what we knew about hate crime & third party reporting. They also asked for volunteers to get involved in spreading the word. They all said ‘yes’ and became the ‘Support to Report’ group. They got together and talked some more Continue Reading >

Support to Report: Don’t Stay Silent About Hate Crime

One in four disabled people were victims of hate crime last year, yet it is still massively under reported to the police. A group of people with learning disabilities, from across the West of Scotland have come together to encourage people to report disability hate crime. They have been working with The Advocacy Project and Police Scotland to raise awareness of disability hate crime and Third Party Reporting. Over the past year, the group have been delivering workshops they devised themselves to raise awareness of disability hate crime, the support people with learning disability may need to report an incident and the different ways it can be reported. The group have made a short film which looks at these issues. Now they want to use this film to spread the word further. “We want learning disability hate crime to stop!”           The Advocacy Project will be hosting the launch of the film: When: 19th May 2017 at 2pm Where: The Advocacy Project, Cumbrae House, 15 Carlton Court, Glasgow, G5 9JP Contact: Ann Lafferty 0141 420 0961 or for more information.

‘A Fairer NHS’ event

Last week Ann from our Engagement and Involvement team supported three members of the ACE (Advisory Committee to ENABLE) group to the event ‘A Fairer NHS’. The main question asked by the NHS organisers was: What do we still need to do to make our services friendlier and fairer for people with a learning disability? Sally, William and Jim went with Ann and suggested the following: A quiet space for learning disability patients at A and E – the panel said they had not heard of this idea before and thought it was very innovative. Sally, William and Jim thought it was a great event, and said it was good to hear everybody’s views about their experiences in the hospital. You can read more about ACE on the Enable website.