Getting help from Independent Advocacy during the Coronavirus –19 Outbreak Update 16.09.2020

The coronavirus pandemic is affecting how we support people have their rights respected and voice heard. The main focus for the organisation and its staff is to ensure that we continue to safely support people who need advocacy, and provide this in a way that does not put them or others at risk. In light of the lockdown announced by the Scottish and UK government on 23.03.2020 we have closed our office but will still provide the following service:

Telephone Support – We will continue to provide advocacy support to vulnerable people in Glasgow, East Renfrewshire and south Lanarkshire. This will be a more limited service based upon the health advice issued by the Scottish Government.

The service will be telephone/email based and we will support vulnerable people have access to an advocate and be provided with information. In line with the health advice there will be no attendance at any external meetings, but we are attending meetings/tribunals via teleconference and video calls.

The service will be available Monday to Friday – 9am-5pm. Please contact us on:

0141 420 0961 if you feel that you need support with:

Please note that we do not have access to any postal mail until the office can re-open. If you have sent us information and/or need to get in contact, please contact us using the email or by calling 0141 420 0961.

In addition, we will seek to support vulnerable people in the local community who are at particular risk from COVID19, and we have taken steps to establish closer working relationships with local charities and offer our assistance where it might be useful. If you feel you need support to keep healthy and well during this period please contact us and speak with one of our support staff. This is a rapidly changing situation and we will review these arrangements on a daily basis and update the website.