Our Services in East Renfrewshire

Services for Adults in East Renfrewshire

You are eligible for this service if you:

  • Are an older person (65 or over)
  • Are a younger adult (16-64) affected by disability
  • Are resident in East Renfrewshire when the referral is made

People affected by the Mental Health (Care and Treatment) (Scotland) Act 2003 have a legal right to independent advocacy.

East Renfrewshire

Issue Based Advocacy

The Advocacy Project provides issue based advocacy. This means that advocacy support is offered to address a specific issue or situation. The advocacy support will be provided until the situation has been resolved.

We support people with many different issues including access to appropriate health and social care, care home placements etc.

Issue based advocacy:

  • Is temporary and does not involve a long term commitment
  • Is provided by trained advocates with knowledge and skills to help
  • Support from the advocate focuses on resolving specific issues and will come to an end when the issue is resolved.

Case Example

Sally is an 80 year old woman who lives in a care home. Attending weekly church services has always been very important to her.

What was life like before advocacy got involved?

The service that used to take Sally on her weekly church visits had closed and she was no longer able to go. She missed the visits and the contact that this gave her with her friends and the wider community.

How did advocacy involvement help?

Sally’s advocacy worker helped her to look at different options such as befrienders and other alternative services. Sally’s advocacy worker was able to find another suitable service that would meet Sally’s needs and after speaking with staff in the care home it was agreed that this could be included in Sally’s care plan. Sally started accessing weekly support to go to Church.

What was the outcome for Sally?

Sally was able to see her friends more often and able to have visits on a regular basis. The staff at the care home had a better understanding that this was something that was very important to her.

Please see our contact page for more information on making a referral. If your needs don’t match the criteria here, you can find information on other independent advocacy providers at the Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance website.