Engagement and Involvement Service

The aim of our Engagement & Involvement Service is to support a co-productive approach in which service providers, service users, family and carers can work together to create a service that works for everyone, improving the quality of life for people and their communities.

What we do

Every project we undertake is bespoke, taking into consideration what the service users and organisations are aiming to achieve. The services that we provide include:

In everything we do, we adhere to the overarching principles and aims of The Advocacy Project and work towards empowering people to have a real voice in shaping the services they receive.

Some examples of our work

Facilitation of service user feedback

We have facilitated a number of focus groups and one off feedback events which have given people the opportunity to feedback on the services that they receive.

We have worked in a number of care homes for older people supporting residents to share their views on life in the care home.  We aim to support people to be able to give their views and clearly highlight any suggestions that they may make to improve the service they receive.

These projects are larger in scale than a ‘one off’ focus group and usually take two to three months to complete. There is usually a focus on supporting those who, due to communication or capacity issues, are unable to engage in more traditional forms of feedback.


We are committed to working with people to have their voice heard.

We will build projects around what people need to be involved, respected and valued in their homes and communities.

We are committed to trying creative approaches, using a wide range of communication tools and platforms. If you have an issue, or an idea, that you would like to explore in your service or community, we can help to develop an inclusive engagement process.

To discuss what you would like from our service, contact Ann Lafferty of the Engagement & Involvement Service on 0141 420 0961 or e-mail us through the contact page