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The Advocacy Project is a human rights based organisation that supports people to have their voices heard and be empowered to be involved in decisions that affect their lives. Our issue-based advocacy services are free and confidential and we are independent of social work, NHS and other agencies. We work across Glasgow and East Renfrewshire. We also support service user involvement and participation through our Engagement and Involvement Service.

We also operate a 3rd Party Reporting Centre for Hate Crime. You can find out more about that on the Police Scotland website.

Principles and Aims

The Advocacy Project is a rights based organisation and is centred on the principles that any person has the right to:

  • Be consulted about their needs
  • Be involved in decisions which affect their lives
  • Be treated in a dignified manner and valued as equals
  • Avoid being segregated from the rest of the community in work, education, recreation or where they live
  • Be treated according to the Human Rights Act 1998

In line with these principles, the Project provides advocacy, which aims to work with people on an individual or group basis to:

  • Make sure their voice is heard and their needs and opinions listened to
  • Ensure they have as much control as they want of decisions which affect their lives
  • Access resources and information appropriate to them

The Advocacy Project

If you would like to make a referral, or find out more about the work that we do, please contact us.

“I liked having my advocate at the meetings. It made me feel less nervous. My advocate listened to my wishes for the meetings. I feel stronger now.”

“I was most impressed by the organisation, practical, pleasant approach and sound service received.”

“[My advocate] was a tower of strength, she took time to listen to me. She gave me the courage to make phone calls that I wouldn’t have made before and I generally feel better about approaching things because of her support”.