Our Services in Glasgow

Case Example

Tam was referred to The Advocacy Project as his grand-daughter had decided to apply for welfare guardianship under the Adults with Incapacity Act. She was unhappy with the standards of care in the nursing home Tam lived in and felt her Grandad would be better off somewhere else.

What was life like before advocacy got involved?

Tam felt no-one was listening to him. Tam had no problems in the care home, he liked the staff, had made friends and he felt at home. He had always been a very independent man and did not like the idea of someone else being in control of decisions that affected him.

How did advocacy involvement help?

Tam’s advocate met him several times over the next few months. She talked to him about how he felt about the care home and explained to him the implications of having a welfare guardian. The advocate liaised with the Mental Health Officer who was overseeing the guardianship application and told her Tam’s views. She also requested that the MHO put a safeguarder in place to uphold Tam’s rights, particularly since the powers Tam’s grand-daughter were applying for were very restrictive.Tam’s advocate attended the hearing where the safeguarder’s assessment reflected Tam’s views.

What was the outcome for Tam?

The sheriff agreed with the safeguarder and advocate, the guardianship was not necessary and the powers under it too restrictive. Tam was delighted that his wishes were granted and he remained in the care home he had chosen.

Mental Health Service Adults 16-64

You are eligible for this service if you:

  • Are aged 16 or over
  • Are resident in Glasgow when the referral is made
  • Have a mental health issue, although a formal diagnosis is not needed

People affected by the Mental Health (Care and Treatment) (Scotland) Act 2003 have a legal right to independent advocacy.

Older People’s Service 65+

You are eligible for this service if you:

  • are 65 or over
  • are resident in Glasgow at the point of referral

We will support people with all sorts of issues, but this service has a focus on older people affected by mental ill health and/or incapacity and those at risk of harm.

Adults 16-64 with a Physical Disability or a Learning Disability

You are eligible for this service if you:

  • are 16 or over
  • are affected by physical disability or a learning disability
  • are resident in Glasgow at the time of referral

Please see our contact page for more information on making a referral. If your needs don’t match the criteria here, you can find information on other independent advocacy providers at the Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance website.