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Talking Mats Training

Congratulations to our latest Talking Mats trainees who completed their Talking Mats (TM) and Talking Mats Keeping Safe (KS) training in May/June of this year. The Advocacy Project has now achieved its goal of ensuring all of its current front line staff are Talking Mats trained. We now have 36 staff trained in the use of Talking Mats and the Talking Mats Keeping Safe Resource, enhancing communication for our service users and supporting them to be involved in decisions about their lives. Well done! Click below for more info on TM & KS. Talking Mats – How It Works Talking Mats – Specialist Seminars  

Mental Health Awareness Week

This week give some thought to your own and other’s mental health. Reflect on how you view mental health and consider how you might be able to help decrease mental health stigma. Here at The Advocacy Project we work hard to increase awareness and understanding of mental health issues. We also support people with these issues to express themselves, be heard and know their rights!